Introduction :

Hello Dear friends, this is my first blog in the 2021 series and I will start by writing about Angular technology best practices,

I want to share with you what I have learned through other blogs and community recommendation about the best tips and tricks to make a clean code with Angular and make your application performance and scalable because I believe clean code is the door to a good software project

We will discuss project structure, typescript tips, angular features tricks for performance and optimization

Happy reading :)

Let’ start :

Introduction :

Hello guys, this is another blog for my “2020 blogging series challenge”, the topic this time is “Introduction to Reactive programming” I will present The Reactive programming concept , after we will discover the Rxjs library and some operators .

happy learning :)

What is Reactive Programming

“Reactive Programming is a declarative programming paradigm concerned with data streams and the propagation of change.”

Reactive programming is a programming paradigm that deals with asynchronous data streams (sequences of events) and the specific propagation of change, which means it implements modifications to the execution environment (context) in a certain order.

So when you will use Reactive…

Introduction 🖊:

Hello everyone, this a blog of my “blogging challenge 2020”, I will write about my learning curve with angular , some tricks that i tried to implement with angular and thinks that should be shared with community , I just tried to make some advancement implementation and check different use cases with different angular modules .

Happy learning :)


Hello everyone, “Hacktoberfest 2020” just finished a few days ago,

HacktoberFest is a challenge to encourage and motivate people to contribute to open source and be familiar with git and Github, learn more about the concepts of Pull Requests, Issues, labels, etc.

What I Have Done? ✏️📙

I just heard about the challenge 3 days before the deadline, so enough time to look for good issues or contributions that take time and effort, I just need this year to participate and contribute even with beginner level!

Hi in this blog I will write about my experience as a Full-stack developer with Java technology as I mentioned in the title “The Java Galaxy “, I will present my different steps of evolution of my small knowledge about this cool technology.

My Beginning 🚲 :

(Feb Blog)

Introduction 🙋

Hi, this is my second blog about GraphQL (2020 Blogging challenge )

In this article, I’m going to share with you some advanced concepts that I’ve learned about GraphQL.

First ! Graphql subscriptions 💥💥:

While discovering GraphQL’s core concepts, I found out that if the client wants to fetch or send data to the server, there are queries and mutations that should be used, as for real-time messages and interactions there is “GraphQL subscriptions”.

“GraphQL subscriptions are a way to push data from the server to the clients that choose to listen to real-time messages from the server”


In this post, I will list all the technologies and tools with which I work during my first professional experience in be-softilys Tunisia, I will also mention the skills that I’m trying to learn in my free time.



“Node.js is a framework for writing server-side JavaScript applications. It is built on top of the V8 JavaScript runtime and uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes it perfect for data-intensive, real-time applications.”

  • We are not a JS stack in the enterprise However it’s needed that’s why it’s installed in each machine (environment for Angular).
  • Used for client-side applications

Hi, this is my first blog of a series in which I will publish IT content every month (2020 blogs challenge)

I will start by a topic that I’m so excited to learn and to implement : “GraphQL”

Introduction :

Nowadays, most of the applications are made in a way which server-side and client-side developed separately and they communicate via API, so when we think about API design, the first thing that probably comes to mind is REST Architectural style which describes how data should be transferred between the client-side and the server-side.


In 2000, when REST was developed, client applications were relatively simple. REST was a good solution for many applications that need to communicate and exchange data over the internet anywhere…

Ahsen haja we7ed ya3mlha ki ybda mch 9ad ba3dho howa yemchi yekteeb yfaraagh 9aaalbo mch mouhem bena lougha w mch mohem chneya yekteb hata ken ykoun kelm mch mafhoum w mch 9ad ba3dho

Awel mara nektbe bl derjaaa houni f medium , man7shc rohiiiiiiiiiii marteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee7 w naarech 3léééééééééch , hasit b pression w stress malgré ena f période repo yomken eni mzlt mbdithc ne5dem w maknech andi activité externe 5aletni n7ess bl depression , stanest nehb dimaa wa9ti m3abi dima andi planning what to do , dima wa9ti chargé d5lt f cirlce t3 faragh 5aletnich motivé 5aletnich Dreamer , 5aletnich…

In this article you will learn how to create a simple application with ReatcJs

(inspired from a workshop i have made two weeks ago ! :) )

but before we start coding , I will try to explain for you the main reasons to use Reactjs , Big companies using Reactjs , Reactjs ecosystem ,

happy learning and happy coding !

Rebai Ahmed

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