Dear 2021 I give up

Notes Bla Bla Bla :

I feel depressive, lonely, with no energy and no effort, I lost my ambitions and the mood to do nothing.⟹ ⇨ ⇰ ➩ ➪ ➫ ➬

I get out from any community activities (Tunjs,Angular Berlin, ) , I need something new not related to IT or software development ⛔🖥

I feel useless, a lot of sleeping hours without doing anything.

Maybe it’s related to the weather here, or missing the sun 🌄, also missing my social life, I hate to stay home long hours (home-office work-style)

But we need to adapt, maybe writing can help me to express my inside feelings 📗

I felt the world like a dark house with ghosts around ⬛️⬛️⬛️

We need to be Mentally Strong and calm down, I know it’s temporarily But I felt it’s hard for me especially these days,

I deleted the Facebook app from my phone, it’s wasting a lot of time,

I want to be books addicted, a language learned, sports practitioner ⛹ 🏋

Where is my mood

I miss family so much, but we need to deal with the situation that my first time I’m outside home, this is the life we need to sacrifice, and some time to find our life balance,🎛 ⏱ ⏲

The main challenge is to stay away from drugs, drinks to fight routine, I know we can do better, maybe sport is a good solution but I hope the shitty corona does not affect next months normal daily life

Next steps

I don’t know, maybe 2022 will be a good year, I lost most of my energy to set new goals currently, even I left my 2021 goals, I feel like my mind need some rest and sleep


  • I will try to discover the cryptocurrencies world and invest some money
  • Traveling
  • learn the german language,
  • Go to the Qatar World cup,
  • Start my small own business

I don't know if I ‘am ready for 2022, but we need to resist and be optimistic …




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Rebai Ahmed

Rebai Ahmed

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