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  • Jeff Whelpley

    Jeff Whelpley

    Co-founder and CTO at GetHuman, Google Developer Expert (GDE), Boston AI Meetup Organizer, Boston Angular Meetup Organizer, Boston College alumni

  • Kevin Kreuzer

    Kevin Kreuzer

    Passionate freelance frontend engineer. ❀️ Always eager to learn, share and expand knowledge.

  • Leonardo Zizzamia

    Leonardo Zizzamia

    πŸŒ• @coinbase Client Foundation ☁️ Leading the web renaissance one byte at a time ✨ πŸ”­ Always learning something new about #Bitcoin

  • Muhammad Ahsan Ayaz

    Muhammad Ahsan Ayaz

    Senior Software Engineer at Klarna. Angular GDE | Loves Angular | Node | Ionic | JavaScript | Writes Blogs | Presents Speaker/Dev Sessions & Tech Talks

  • Caleb Meredith

    Caleb Meredith

    Product engineer at Airtable. Previously Facebook. @calebmer on Twitter

  • Mirko Rapisarda

    Mirko Rapisarda

  • Minko Gechev

    Minko Gechev

    Building tools for developers at Google. Angular team.

  • Andrew Evans

    Andrew Evans

    Husband, Engineer, OSS Contributor, and Manager at CapTech Consulting. Follow me on https://rhythmandbinary.com and https://andrewevans.dev

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