I just participated in Hacktoberfest 2020 💻✍️


Hello everyone, “Hacktoberfest 2020” just finished a few days ago,

HacktoberFest is a challenge to encourage and motivate people to contribute to open source and be familiar with git and Github, learn more about the concepts of Pull Requests, Issues, labels, etc.

What I Have Done? ✏️📙

I just heard about the challenge 3 days before the deadline, so enough time to look for good issues or contributions that take time and effort, I just need this year to participate and contribute even with beginner level!

hacktoberfest-2020: Let’s tackle the Climate-Change together with Open-Source 🌍 + 👩‍💻” In this repository, you should contribute to the goal to make consideration of global warming and climate changes, all that you have to do is to add an image with a message about open source or climate changes


“many-passwords”: “ Default password for each device. 🐱‍💻

The purpose of this project is to collect all the default passwords in one place.

In this repo, I just added passwords of Netscape, Toshiba, and TrendMicro to the CSV file, it’s a very useful repository that can help you find default passwords for many systems, databases, and devices

This is a place where you can find python scripts. You can contribute by giving your scripts written in python which you think are awesome.

Contribution :

I just added a python script that parses resume and extracts useful data like (email , phone number, links GitHub LinkedIn, university, etc ..)

Hacktoberfest Participants — Community 🎃: A platform that shows a list of all the hackers, participated in the month-long challenge Hacktoberfest presented by DigitalOcean.

I just added my username to the list 😂😂

But whatever the contribution, I just did it :)

Next Steps:🔲 🔳

This challenge motivates me to be interested more in open source contributions and set a list of projects that I can make some pull requests and can help me to grow my skills.

This challenge helps me to advance more in my Year goals: ore than 12 pull requests to open source projects before 2020 ends 👊 ✊🕢 🕣




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Rebai Ahmed

Rebai Ahmed

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