My learning roadmap for 2022


Hello everyone, I have always the habit of setting goals per year and trying to work hard to achieve them

My main goal is to grow in my career as a front-end engineer and learn new technologies and contribute more to developers' communities.

I’m writing this blog to share my professional goals for 2022 and my learning roadmap

Happy learning

2022 Goals:

I’m planning to :

  • Learn cypress and make open-source projects learn-cypress-30-days with a lot of examples and tips to help others be well introduced
  • Make a series of blogs written in about Cypress with explanations and examples
  • Get a certificate in Angular level2 (
  • Learn CI/CD, Jenkins, Docker, and one of the Clouds services like amazon or azure by practice and making open source projects (Process from scratch Build/Deploy/Run/Test )
  • Attend 2K score in Stackoverflow
  • Learn more about Scrum and agile methodologies
  • Read books about Typescript/Rxjs and state management with Angular
  • Publish blogs in famous blogging sites for developers like:,


In conclusion, I would say: work hard, keep learning, keep growing, and never lose motivation to advance




<script>alert('try your best')</script>

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Rebai Ahmed

Rebai Ahmed

<script>alert('try your best')</script>

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