The Top Things that I have learned from My Notebook

In This blog , i will write the top things that i have put them in my Favorite Notebook , my Secret-Book , during my studying ,

Before i start , this is my Notebook

(that i will not let anyone read it until my dying )

What my friends think about this Notebook , that i put all my personal feelings , personal stories , but in reality 90% of the papers are written with topics about #programming , #software development #technologies trends #ideas #websites #mobile applications

#things that i would to learn in the future ……

Programming languages

The first things that i wrote them was PHP5 , OOP , MYSQL ,XML

#like any beginner for development the first programming language we will try to learn is PHP

# I didn't’ stop searching for web development trends , the buzz word what i learned after it was a Web Framework

A web development framework is a set of resources and tools for software developers to build and manage web applications, web services and websites.

what i tagged in my notebook : Symphony2 , Zend , JQUERY ,Bootstrap ,

I have set a goal to master all these things in summer (i was very passionate about programming , and development , i have always the curiosity to master all the things that i know , the things that i writted here in my lover notebook , )

never stop learning

#Lightbox.js #twig #WebGL #OpenGl #Three.js #Nodejs #Angularjs

(thanks for this useful website who help me to discover all these javascript libraries …)


. i never didn’t stop searching and learning , in this part i will tell you what are the main skills that i set them to get in the future :

#Hacking #java challenges #TopCdoing #JEE #ANDROID #JQUERY

Future :

the future technologies that i hear about them in many websites as trends and i plan to search about them

  • Cloud Computing ,Big-Data ,computer science security

(For honest , when i was at this period I didn’t have any depth knowledge about the tech “Big-Data” and “Cloud-computing” , but i know them as a trends , thanks for this website ) who helped me to discover them

Summer-Plan :

from the begin of the university year , i have always the habit to plan what i will do in summer , i love summer for the free-time offered for me , and take advantage to learn all the things that i want to master

. My Plan was divided to master 2 programming languages

#Java && #Javascript

  1. For Java i planned to practice always coding to get level1 in java-oop , after mastering JDBC , JAVA WEB , JSF , Hibernate && Spring

( ,

and great thanks for this moroccan man (you can follow him in this youtube-channel)

2) For javascript i planned to learn JQUERY , Ajax and Angularjs

Other :

for other skills i write to install Ubuntu and follow some hacking tricks


in this part i will tell you all the ideas that i had always in my head

  1. chat application to practice English and Frensh (accept only Well-formed messages to be sended
  2. Mobile application (Quiz to Test you knowledge in computer science )
  3. Mobile application to handle my books (readed and not-readed )
  4. Mobile application (Calculator )
  5. Mobile application called “Rafraf” to search home renting
  6. Mobile application “Citations”
  7. Mobile application about “Ahmed didat”
  8. Mobile application “i want to marry”
  9. Website for arabic programmers
  10. Social network for Tunisia -family called “Famillia”
  11. Website for young Tunisia to share innovation ideas and search sponsoring

Notes to search

  • Business intelligence
  • Web hosting
  • Unicode
  • Oracle
  • Cicso
  • Open stack
  • Rasspery pi
  • Linux
  • VPN
  • linear programming
  • Social networks
  • Google Apps
  • Prestashop Cloud
  • Libre-office
  • Mobile marketing
  • E-commerce

Notes saved from presenting at Events

  1. Blockchain
  2. cryptography
  3. distrubuted protocol messaging
  4. Bit-coin
  5. Peer-To-Peer Network
  6. Hash-Map
  7. Software testing
  8. TAST (
  9. Software Bugs
  10. Software Quality
  11. Mongodb , Bison
  12. Sinatara , Ruby on Rails
  13. Licence MIT (open source rule )
  14. Web scrapping with python
  15. Nodejs
  16. 4G & QOS
  17. IndexDB
  18. Creative-lab
  20. Think — ->Mock →Test

Things that i saved to learn after the end of my study project

  1. Angularjs (Built Apps with Firebase )
  2. Mongodb && Mongoose
  3. Mean stack
  4. Meteorjs
  5. Ionic
  6. Angular-material
  7. Web-Rtc
  9. Web-design

My Goals

  1. “Be a Full-stack Developer”
  2. Master Design (UI , UX )
  3. Development (only javascript as a future tech trend )
  4. Test && Agile && UML

At the end of this Blog , and not the End of my Notebook i say “Learn to enjoy every minute of your life.”

never stop learning and discovering something new every-day , sacrifice your time , leave facebook , and useless websites , and always plan for you goals and you objectives

Try to be “Big Dreamer”

<script>alert('try your best')</script>

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